Oakland USD Bell Schedule timers

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Bret Harte Middle School 6th grade

Bret Harte Middle School 7/8th grade

Castlemont High School

Claremont Middle School 6·7th grade

Claremont Middle School 8th grade

Coliseum College Prep Academy D1

Coliseum College Prep Academy D2

Coliseum College Prep Academy D3

Dewey Academy

Edna Brewer Middle School Early Lunch

Edna Brewer Middle School Late Lunch

Elmhurst United Middle School 1st Lunch

Elmhurst United Middle School 2nd Lunch

Elmhurst United Middle School 3rd Lunch

Fremont High School

Frick United Academy of Language

Greenleaf School 6th grade

Greenleaf School 7/8th grades

Hillcrest School

LIFE Academy High School

LIFE Academy Middle School

Madison Park Academy High School 9·10·11·12th grade

Madison Park Academy High School 6·7·8th grade

McClymonds High School

Melrose Leadership Academy 6th grade

Melrose Leadership Academy 7th grade

Melrose Leadership Academy 8th grade

MetWest High School DH Campus

MetWest High School EH Campus

Montera Middle School Early Lunch

Montera Middle School Late Lunch

Oakland International High School

Oakland Technical High School

Oakland High School

Ralph J. Bunche Academy

Roosevelt Middle School Early Lunch

Roosevelt Middle School Late Lunch

Rudsdale Continuation High School

Rudsdale Continuation High School Newcomer

Skyline High School

Sojourner Truth Independent Study Middle and High School

United For Success Academy 6·7·8th grade

Urban Promise Academy 6th grade

Urban Promise Academy 7th grade

Urban Promise Academy 8th grade

West Oakland Middle School 6·7·8th grade

Westlake Middle School 6·7·8th grade

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